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Collect rental income as soon as you close. Our certified homes already have tenants.


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Roofstock’s marketplace of leased single-family rental properties makes it easy to purchase and own customized portfolios of certified, cash flowing homes within 1031 exchange time limits.

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What is a 1031 Exchange?

A 1031 tax-deferred exchanges allow you to defer all capital gains taxes if you reinvest the proceeds in a new property or portfolio of properties of equal or higher value and maintain similar or higher loan amounts.

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Common Misconceptions About 1031 Exchanges

Check out our 1031 case study!

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“How do you go from one large office building into 169 small rental homes? That miracle is what allows you to basically double your returns.” 
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—Roofstock 1031 Exchange customer Tom Fallows, Director of Global Experiences at Uber and founder of Google Express

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Benefits of Real Estate Like-Kind Exchanges

  • Trade up to a portfolio with higher income
  • Tap into embedded equity for reinvesting 
  • Potential for greater returns over time
  • Exposure to new markets
  • Diversification
  • Tax deferral



The appeal of single-family rentals 

  • Consistent Income: Tenant longevity can be longer for rental homes than for apartments.
  • Strong market potential: Growing demand for rental homes driven by Gen X and Millennials is outpacing increase in supply.
  • Reduced capital ex: Newer properties and no common areas can result in lower maintenance costs.
  • Tax benefits: Investing in a portfolio of lower-priced assets allows you to more exactly match your needed replacement value while resetting your depreciation schedule many times at a higher percent of total investment value. This creates the potential for more advantageous current tax scenarios.
  • Exit flexibility: Purchasing a portfolio of SFR assets allows for the ability to sell a portion of the assets over time.

How Roofstock helps



  • Guidance throughout the entire process
  • Identification of quality replacement investment portfolios
  • Assistance in selecting the best property management partners
  • Referrals for qualified intermediary partners that can facilitate your transaction
  • Referrals for the best lending partners to provide you with the right loan solution 
  • Help you hit important deadlines, thanks to an inventory of stabilized properties ready for purchase

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