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Single-Family Rentals are a great way to diversify your investments
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Powerful tools, resources and support to make choosing houses easy

We take the time to understand your objectives and level of familiarity with real estate investing to create a plan just for you

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Depending on your needs, we’ll make investment recommendations or coach you on how to use our intuitive tools most effectively. Every property on our marketplace is certified so you can focus on finding the right investment rather than worrying about due diligence.

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Whether you are investing in a few Single-Family Rentals or need to diversify a large portfolio, are interested in generating high yields or want to focus on long-term returns, or have an interest in one region or many – we can create a customized portfolio for you.

checkmark-round-green-26.png Closing the Deal

We work with you every step of the way so you can expect buying Single-Family Rental houses on the Roofstock Marketplace to be a quick no-hassle process. We help you find financing and property management from our network of high quality partners.


Our specialists create portfolios to take advantage of market opportunities. Consider these or work with an account executive to construct one designed to meet your objectives.


Roofstock Top Schools

  • Highest school scores on Roofstock.com
  • Easier to rent; faster to appreciate
  • Orlando, Atlanta, Tampa and Winston-Salem markets 

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Florida Orlando

  • Majority homes in the highly desirable Orlando market
  • High Appreciation properties; Great Yields
  • Attractive Financing options and interest rates

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