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What types of coverage does Obie offer?


Property protection

This can include structural property damage caused by weather and natural disasters, and may also include property used to maintain the home, like a lawnmower, or appliances provided to the tenant.


Rental income loss

If a property becomes uninhabitable due to property damage, the landlord can be reimbursed for lost rental income.


Liability protection

This can protect a landlord from legal fees and medical expenses if a tenant or their guest is injured on the property and sues the landlord.

Did you know?


Landlord and homeowners insurance policies are not the same

  • Landlord insurance is specifically for owners who rent out a home and typically provides property and liability protection as well as rental income loss.
  • The cost of a landlord insurance policy can be about 25% more than a homeowners insurance policy.

Landlord insurance may be required

  • Mortgage companies and lenders may require that you have a landlord insurance policy on a rental property. This is different from a homeowners policy, which may not cover you if you are renting out the property.
  • Collecting on a claim for a tenanted rental investment property could be difficult if the home is covered by a homeowners policy rather than a landlord policy.

There are ways to reduce landlord insurance costs

  • To potentially reduce premiums, promptly make repairs, install safety devices such as burglar alarms and hard-wired smoke detectors, and keep the rental property profile updated.
  • Get a free quote to compare coverage and prices.

Annual reviews are important

  • Review your policy every year before your renewal date and update if there have been changes such as the amount of rent being charged, risk factors in your area, or safety upgrades to your property.

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