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Here’s how it works...

  • Apply in 15 minutes night or day.

  • Get an approval and rate way more reliable than a typical pre approval — with way less work.

  • It’s reliable because we don’t just rely on answers from the top of your head like traditional lenders do. We prefer using exact and verified info, so 97% of our 15 minute approvals reach clear to close.

  • Once approved, jump into your Beeline Tracker to choose and lock your loan online. It can all happen in less than an hour.

  • Your very own Loan Guide is right there if you need them — contact them directly on phone, text, email or chat.

  • We’re confident our rates are low because we use lots of automation, not lots of people — but if you do find lower, we’ll beat it with our Price Pact

  • You’ll get a kick out of how we do appraisals — none of this paying up-front business, we cover the cost of your appraisal until you close.

Apply here in 15 minutes

Beeline is a 100% online lender transforming the meandering home loan journey into a short, simple and dare we say it, fun path. We combine tech, design and the human touch you need — with your very own dedicated Loan Guide. 97% of the time, the Refi-Ready or Purchase-Ready Approval we give in 15 minutes ultimately gets a clear to close. No one else is doing that. Your Beeline Tracker , together with your Loan Guide, takes you effortlessly and speedily all the way through the closing phase to that sweet, sweet closing day.

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A snapshot of our investment property loans:


  • Max LTV: 85% / 75% cash out

  • Loan types: Fixed (15/20/25/30) and ARM (5/7/10)

  • Limits: Up to $2,000,000; $45,000 minimum

  • Min Credit Score: 640 / 660 cash out

Non-Conventional Financing (DSCR Loans)

  • Max LTV: 82%

  • Loan types: Fixed (15/30) and ARM (5/7/10), 10-year interest only options available

  • Limits: Up to $2,000,000; $100,000 minimum

  • Minimum Credit Score: 660

  • Borrowers: allows LLCs, some programs allow foreign borrowers

NMLS: 1799947

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