Marshall Reddick Real Estate
Marshall Reddick Real Estate
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We manage residential real estate varying from single-family residences, condos, townhomes, and multi-family 2-35 units. As of 2021, we manage over 2,000 units across CA, TX, TN, KY, and FL. 

We strive to give the best service possible for the best value. We offer full-service property management where the team handles everything for you including rent-ready repairs, photography, advertising, leasing, rent collection, maintenance, periodic property inspections, maintenance, evictions, accounting, tenant and owner online portals to access property statements and documents. 

At Marshall Reddick Property Management, we pride ourselves in having great communication and the simplest fee structure in the industry. With us you won't find any miscellaneous fees, we believe property managers should only make money when rent is collected.  

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  Newport Beach, CA

  Los Angeles, CA

  San Antonio, TX

  Austin, TX

Clarksville, TN

  Fort Myers, FL