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Here’s a new insurance product from Rent Rescue that protects your residential investment property against tenant default. It’s backed by one of the largest insurers in the world. Details on the insurance can be found below. You can purchase a policy through the below link if interested. The application process is quick and easy and the insurance seems affordable. They’re basically providing peace of mind and eliminating the headaches of tenant default.

Rent Rescue is an insurance policy that reimburses a residential landlord up to 6 months of lost rent due to tenant default and, in the event of an eviction, pays $1,000 of legal expenses. All for an average monthly premium of $25 per unit which can often be passed along to the tenant or taken as a tax deduction (consult your accountant or tax attorney to see if you qualify).

Reasons Why You Need Rent Rescue:

• Reimburses up to 6 months of lost rental income due to abandonment or eviction
• Reimburses up to 3 months lost rental income when default is due to court order, military status or tenant’s own death
• Cost of coverage can be tax deductible
• Submitting a claim and getting paid is quick and easy
• Pays $1,000 of legal expenses to pursue a eviction
• Affordable average monthly cost of $25 per unit
• Cost of coverage can be passed along to your tenant as a nominal increase to their monthly rent

Applying is quick and easy – Click this URL to get started.

Please direct any questions about this insurance to Rent Rescue Contact Us