Roofstock Offers

Roofstock Offers lets you sell your qualified rental properties
quickly for cash, freeing you up from the hassles and unknowns
of the traditional sales process.

There’s no maintenance, staging, or showing to worry about and you can keep your tenant in place and collect rent until you close.


Pay just a 3% service fee


Hassle-free lender process
and no appraisal


Close as quickly as 10-14
business days

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which states do you buy in?

We currently buy homes in the following states but we are constantly looking to expand our markets. If your state isn’t listed now, be sure to check back soon.

Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Mississippi, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah

2. How do you determine which homes to buy?

When you submit an address, we perform an instant data augmentation process that analyzes various factors such as location and home attributes, to help us determine if your property is a fit for a cash offer.

3. Can I still sell on the Roofstock marketplace?

Yes! If you decline your cash offer or don’t receive a cash offer, we’ll help you list your property on the Roofstock marketplace to get it in front of our network of global buyers.

Interested in a cash offer?

If your property is eligible, you’ll have the option to either request a cash offer or list on our marketplace.

If your property is not eligible, you’ll be directed to submit your listing on our marketplace.

Simply enter your property address to find out.

Still have questions?

Set up a no-pressure chat with one of our knowledgeable account executives to discuss your options.