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Referrals are critical for growing your business, and we work with only a limited number of agents per market. Stake your claim—and let’s grow together.

Are you an investor-focused agent?

Join the Roofstock Certified Agent Network to grow your referral revenue:

Group 1291

Buyer leads

Tap into the multitrillion-dollar single-family rental (SFR) market by connecting with a global investor network nearly 370K strong

Group 1318

Seller leads

Work with sellers to get their rental properties in front of thousands of motivated buyers from across the country—and around the world—looking to buy remotely

Group 12740

Institutional leads

Work with Roofstock to potentially earn more revenue by accessing an invitation-only market of larger investors and institutions looking to invest in the SFR market at scale

How to become a Roofstock Certified Agent:


Review the qualifications

  • Active license in good standing with the Real Estate Commission
  • No prior history of disciplinary action nor complaints
  • Commitment to excellent customer service

Submit an application

Complete this form to apply.

If you qualify, Roofstock will contact you to schedule an interview. 


Enroll in the training program—only pay when you close

No up-front costs: Complete Roofstock’s training program to join the Roofstock Certified Agent Network. Learn to apply the tools and analytics available on the Roofstock Marketplace to customize buyer and seller experiences. 


Meet program requirements and gain access to a network of referrals

Once you are part of the network, you will be able to generate referral leads from Roofstock. As a member, you must adhere to the following guidelines to remain in good standing:

  • Continually meet Roofstock's requirements
  • Participate in product feedback sessions and surveys throughout the year, so we can collect proper feedback regarding the program and buyers.
  • Participate in marketing initiatives to build your brand, such as being a guest on our podcast, contributing to our blog posts, and more

Membership guidelines are subject to change as we continue to enhance the program.

See what other agents are saying

If you're considering joining the Certified Agent Network, don't think about it—just do it. It can only help you. There is not one thing negative about Roofstock that I can find.

Jeff W., Florida
Sefair Investments, INC. | Member since 2021

The Certified Agent Network has complemented my business by providing me with the opportunity to work with investors who are well qualified, educated, and knowledgeable about the buying process. All of my leads have been generally easy to work with and are typically open to suggestions for different types of properties.

Fred M., Texas
RealTY ONE GROUP ICONIC | Member since 2021

Frequently asked questions

Can I stay an agent at my current brokerage?

Yes. We are a licensed brokerage entity and will act as a referring party to you, so you can continue to operate your business as usual.

What do I have to do to get the leads?

To get access to referrals from Roofstock and other opportunities, you will need to apply to be a member of the Roofstock Certified Agent Network. Roofstock will review your application and qualifications, and, through an interview process, ensure you are a good fit for the program. Once approved, you will need to enroll in and successfully complete the training program, which will include an overview of the programs available to you to start receiving qualified referrals. In addition to the mandatory training—you will need to satisfy other requirements, such as participating in various surveys and marketing initiatives.

Are there any fees or costs?

  • There are no up-front costs to become a member of the Roofstock Certified Agent Network, which includes a training program designed to get you up to speed on Roofstock, the services available to you, the investment property market, and how to appropriately serve the needs of Roofstock’s seller and buyer referrals. There are referral fees paid to Roofstock for each transaction closed:

    • Buyer referral fee: 35% for each purchase while representing a buyer

    • Seller referral fee: 35% for each sale while representing a seller

Why do buyers turn to Roofstock?

Roofstock provides investors with significant education and information to make informed decisions. Roofstock refers the investor to a member of the Certified Agent Network to ensure that the investor has local investment analysis, market advice, representation and a smooth closing experience. Services include:

  • Education and content to prepare for investing in real estate (markets, property management, etc.)

  • Institutional-grade analytics to make informed investing decisions

  • Locating investor-friendly vendors such as an agent in our Certified Agent Network.

What ongoing training and support is provided by Roofstock?

Roofstock has a dedicated team to support its member agents. Regular training sessions will be held and required of all agents in the network. These training sessions are meant to ensure that agents reap rewards from their membership in the program, that Roofstock’s customers always receive the highest caliber of service possible, and to ensure agents have support that may be needed.

How many client referrals can I receive in a month?

Referral volume varies by market.

What if I am a property manager and want to retain the property management business?

Roofstock is a marketplace, so we need top property managers to provide the best services for investors. We encourage you to also apply for our property manager program. View more details on that program.

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